Isla Margarita

Welcome to Isla Flats! Cosy, modern apartments in paradise! 300 meters from Isla Margarita's most popular beach: Playa El Agua.

Our apartments

130 square meters 300 meters from Playa El Agua
All modern installations Private parking under roof
Satellite TV with 40 channels Private pool & grill corner
Guarded area for your safety  

About Isla Margarita

This paradise-island is located only two dozen miles outside the Venezuela mainland and is the country's biggest tourist destination with its 160 km long coastline.


The island has 72 beaches at a total of 315 km!
Sun and swimming, shopping and amazing nature. Isla Margarita is the paradise island that has it all.


Sun safe with captivating beaches.
Amazing wind surfing and great diving. Columbus named the place Isla Margarita, ”the pearl island” in ancient greek. The tale says that once upon a time there were pearls to be found here as large as dove eggs. When Columbus at his third voyage 1498 listed off on the island he saw the inhabitants wearing pearls from top to bottom. By today the income from pearls have been replaced by the tourist industry — for who can resist a roughly 170 kilometers long coastline with over 70 dreamy beaches?


The island which is two
The island, which is made up of two smaller ones, but is connected through a 20 kilometer long land tongue, is dramatic and fits in well with the idea of a paradise island: High green mountains with broad white beaches who slope towards a turquoise-green ocean. The whole island is 1071 square kilometers and the population is at 300 000.


Tax free
The whole of Margarita is a tax free zone. Branded liquor, Cartier watches, Calvin Klein-jeans and expensive perfumes are sold for a fraction of the normal price.

As previously mentioned are pearls something you can really make a bargain in. Porlamar has the biggest and most fashionable shopping mall, Centro Sambil, where they among other things have a rather extensive jeweller who has specialized in pearls.