The food culture

Isla Margarita is naturally based around what the ocean has to offer. Although you can enjoy high quality meat dishes on the island we still wish to recommend the seafood or fish.


A popular phrase on the island is "Full stomach, happy heart", and the inhabitants live after that motto. The restaurants are oftenly situated along the beaches with a view that can make even the biggest stress-o-holic relaxed and calm.

Night life

If you want a strong night life with taste of the big city with casino, night clubs etc. one can easily get to Porlamar. If you want to stay at Playa El Agua there's plenty of cosy restaurants and bars along the beach. They're generally open to 1 am and after that there's also a night club serving until 3 am.

Playa El Agua seems almost made for romantic getaways. Long sandy beaches with a cosy atmosphere. There's not much that beats a warm, tropical sunrise on the beach with your loved one.