93,2% sun time

During the 365 days of 2003, Isla Margarita had sunny and clear weather 340! That gives a sun time of 93,2%. The sun and swimming is a natural activity on the island and among all the beaches it's easy to find a favorite. The daily temperature is around 30 degrees and at night time around 20.

Regardless if you enjoy,

wave surfing, wind surfing, kite or just want to relax in the clear, turqouise water there are beaches for you. You can choose if you want to be surrounded by people or if you prefer the privacy of your own little beach a few kilometers away for yourself, your family or partner.

If you want to spend the day by the pool
you can do that instead. Calm, quiet and private.

Playa El Agua

When you walk around Playa El Agua the roads and beaches are lined with palm trees that slowly sway in the calm tropical breeze. You might sit down at one of the many restaurants situated on the beach for a drink or a bit of food. 20 meters from you, the waves of the Atlantic ocean drift up in its neverending stream. The air is warm and lovely.